Devoted Super Gran Fan Commemorates Beloved Character with Unique Tattoo on His Buttocks

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A crime-solving pensioner Super Gran enthusiast has gotten a tattoo of the beloved character – on his rear end. At 45, Gregor Sanders decided to ink a large tattoo of actress Gudrun Ure, portraying her most renowned role.

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The tattoo was done at Fat Buddha Tattoos in New Stevenson, North Lanarkshire. Gregor has often humorously contemplated the idea – and finally went ahead with it to support Alzheimer Scotland, raising £1,070.

The accounts assistant had the tattoo done last year but only unveiled it this week after the passing of Gudrun Ure, who starred as Super Gran. Gregor, hailing from Motherwell, remarked, “I’m 45 now, I was raised on the theme song and Super Gran is a household name, so I figured, why not?

“In a chat with a mate, I blurted out I’d get Super Gran tattooed on my rear, and I actually went through with it. I was totally dedicated! Alzheimer Scotland even provided a t-shirt, which I wore on the day.

“People were impressed, and I reckon they’re tired of my rear by now! Initially, I doubted it would draw much, but the response has been incredible. The unique aspect really captured everyone’s interest.”

Tattoo artist Jason Lau was excited to be part of the jest. He mentioned, “Gregor has been here before for tattoos – there was this ongoing gag among his friends about him getting a Super Gran tattoo.

“Since they all grew up with Super Gran, it seemed like an emblematic choice.”

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The tattoo session lasted five hours – and might just rank as Jason’s favorite piece to date.

He continued, “It seems only folks in their 30s recognize it – the younger crowd thinks it’s a tattoo of his grandmother!”

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