Democrat Voices Preference for Trump Over Biden in Surprise Twist”

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As the horrors of October 7th played out, we all sensed Israel’s looming reprisal against Hamas. My heart was heavy, fearing for my Palestinian Christian relatives and dreading for my Muslim kin in Gaza—hoping they wouldn’t pay for the sins of the few. The reality, however, surpassed my worst fears.

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Now we witness the aftermath, through the lens of Israel’s formidable military—ranked fourth globally—and an intelligence agency second to none. Gaza lies in ruins. Tales of medics subsisting on livestock feed and children facing starvation are harrowing truths.

The blow of Israel’s collective retribution, extreme as it was, still hit like a thunderbolt—even as the International Court of Justice agreed to ponder the allegation that Israel’s actions in Gaza amount to genocide.

For me, the nightmare deepens, watching my own government—and president—use my tax dollars to supply the weapons and military support that fuel the obliteration of an entire people. The “Abandon Biden” movement threw down the gauntlet: call a ceasefire or forfeit votes come November. By then, the toll had climbed to tens of thousands—dead, entombed alive, or vanished in the debris.

It’s baffling and indefensible that the US would back any nation inflicting such suffering. To me, it smacks of state-backed terror. But where’s the outcry? The repercussions?

I hear Democrats warn of the perils if Biden falls in November. Yet, no greater affront exists to me—a Muslim, Yemeni-American woman—or my community, than the notion we can’t grasp the stakes of a Trump comeback. The Muslim ban’s four-year shadow looms large; its potential return, should Trump win, is not lost on me.

In 2020, I cast my ballot for Bernie Sanders, driven by convictions on housing, education, labor, healthcare, and women’s rights. But this is a lesser-evil choice. And despite Trump’s litany of missteps, the atrocity of over 30,000 Palestinians killed overshadows them all—this occurred under Biden’s tenure.

No longer do Democrats urge us to “Vote with your conscience.” If that were the case, Biden’s November victory would be in peril.

Trump may not promise better for Palestinians and Muslims—but worse seems impossible. Our aim isn’t to elect a pro-Palestine president; we know that’s a pipe dream. Neither option offers solace.

Yet, we must hold to account a leader who has forsaken us and the Palestinians—who, in my eyes, has bankrolled a genocide. Biden’s bid for a second term is undeserved. Politicians must answer for their actions. Our allegiance is to principles, not parties.

Michigan’s results are telling. In the February primary, Trump outpolled Biden and the “uncommitted” combined. The longer Biden hesitates on a permanent ceasefire, the more it may sway down-ballot outcomes. Voters like me are ready to switch sides for pro-ceasefire candidates, abandoning the “Blue, No Matter Who” stance.

For us, this election hinges not on what Biden could do to win back our support in November—it’s about what he’s already done to forfeit it.

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