DeepMind Co-Founder, Knighted for His Work, Advocates Video Games for Enhancing Children’s Creativity

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The co-founder of Google’s AI company, DeepMind, has voiced that children ought to be encouraged to engage in video games, arguing it might amplify their creativity.

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Sir Demis Hassabis credits his own video gaming experiences as contributing to his accomplishments as a computer scientist and entrepreneur.

His venture, DeepMind, was acquired by Google for a sum reported to be £400 million in 2014.

He advocates for parents to inspire their children to find and cultivate passions, believing it can lead to skill development.

His contributions to AI earned him a knighthood, announced on Thursday.

In a conversation with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Demis remarked on the significance of nurturing creativity, not merely through playing games but through a broader engagement.

He emphasized the unpredictability of where passions might lead and the importance of encouraging children to explore and enhance their interests deeply.

Sir Demis underscored the necessity for children to be prepared and adaptable for a rapidly evolving future, advocating for a mindset of embracing change.

Before DeepMind’s inception in 2010 and its subsequent acquisition by Google in 2014, Sir Demis studied at Cambridge University. DeepMind specializes in crafting algorithms and machine programs that simulate human-like capabilities in gaming and e-commerce navigation.

Having served as an adviser to the Government’s Office for Artificial Intelligence, Sir Demis also contributed to the coronavirus scientific advisory group in 2020 to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic response.

Last year, he was involved in discussions with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak regarding AI regulation.

Following the announcement of his knighthood, he expressed his gratitude on X, formerly Twitter, for the recognition of his services to AI.

Expressing his delight and honor, Sir Demis reflected on the remarkable journey of building @GoogleDeepMind over 15 years, contributing to the acceleration of AI and the growth of both the UK and global AI ecosystems, thanking everyone who supported his vision.

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