Council Fines Fly Tipper Caught on Ring Doorbell Security Camera £500 – Featured on Google Discovery

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A woman was caught fly-tipping after she was recorded by a Ring doorbell she didn’t realize was in place. She was observed disposing of children’s toys and clothing by the roadside in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

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She received a £500 fine for abandoning the trash – just a mile away from a free local dump – after the incident was reported to East Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Health department.

An irate local reported the event – which occurred in the Bonnyton area on the morning of Thursday, May 16, 2024 – sparking an investigation.

The 30-second video captured a middle-aged woman, dressed in a lilac vest top, stonewashed jeans, and black trainers, hastily moving items from her car.

She took two bags and a large child’s toy from the trunk and placed them beside some bushes, then reversed her vehicle and drove away.

The video was posted on a Kilmarnock community Facebook page with the caption: “Can the person who just fly-tipped their rubbish in the lane in Bonnyton please come back and pick it up. This will be reported to the police and the council if not collected today.”

Angry locals quickly took to the comments to condemn her actions. One commented: “Love seeing these fools exposed, and the scary part is she won’t learn, she’ll just dump somewhere else. Well done for exposing her, clearly someone who knows that little lane, probably lives in Bonnyton.” Another said: “Great footage, don’t wait to see if they pick it up, report it straight to the police and council.”

A third remarked: “People who dump their trash like this get off too easily. Even when caught, the ‘punishment’ might be a fine, a warning, or maybe some community service. They should ALSO be made to clean up every bit of it, even those dumping truckloads. Some may think it’s too harsh, but the punishment fits the crime.”

Many residents were perplexed by her actions, given the proximity of the local dump, only a mile away. One said: “This is shocking, you can literally book a free appointment at the dump!” Another added: “The dump is just up the road. That’s a disgrace.” A third commented, “Why though? You can take almost anything there for recycling/disposal.” Another response was: “Why not just book into the dump? Absolutely disgraceful!” Not everyone was outraged, as one person noted: “Everyone stop being so harsh. Give her one last chance to do the right thing. People do this every day.”

An East Ayrshire Council spokesperson stated: “After an investigation, the offender was located, confessed to the offence, and was issued a fixed penalty notice for fly-tipping under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

“The Council depends on public reports to help us identify and discourage fly-tipping and to maintain East Ayrshire clean, green, and vibrant. Our community can report fly-tipping online.

“The Council encourages anyone needing to dispose of excess household waste to comply with the law. We offer an appointment system at our waste sites, which prevents queuing.

“If hiring a contractor, ensure they are registered as a waste carrier with SEPA and can provide a waste transfer note that details the legal route for disposing of your waste.”

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