Convicted Scottish Paedophile Expresses Difficulty in Accessing Transgender Medications in Prison

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A male pedophile who transitioned to female post-arrest has voiced complaints about not receiving hormone treatments in prison.

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Joseph White, convicted for the dreadful sexual abuse of a two-year-old and an 11-year-old girl, is also demanding a transfer from HMP Barlinnie to a more “trans-friendly” facility.

The 32-year-old, also guilty of secretly recording women in a bathroom, was referred to the contentious Sandyford clinic for gender reassignment.

In handwritten prison letters, White, now identifying as Jo, stated: “I’m being denied the drugs that assist my transition and help me live as Jo, as a girl.

“I am being obstructed by the gender clinic that’s meant to support and protect me, tasked with providing ethical medical care.

“This is the same clinic that diagnosed me and initially supported my hormone replacement therapy.”

White, who also shared fantasies about abusing the two-year-old via WhatsApp and was imprisoned in 2018, had visited the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow shortly before his trial, beginning hormone therapy.

The family of one victim expressed disgust at White’s claims of being a transwoman last night.

A friend remarked, “White never showed any feminine traits nor expressed any desire to transition before his arrest, which is quite convenient.”

This case mirrors that of transgender double rapist Isla Bryson, who stirred political controversy last year by initially being placed in a female prison after transitioning while on bail.

Retired women’s prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss noted, “Many of these men suffer from ‘justice onset dysphoria’—becoming trans only after capture.”

White, previously requesting a transfer to female prison Cornton Vale, now seeks relocation to HMP Glenochil—where Bryson was moved—viewing it as more trans accommodating.

Last year, White complained that his hormone treatment, specifically the dosage of Estradiol, was being reduced and lamented the mandatory red uniform at HMP Barlinnie.

He also grumbled about not being allowed access to feminine grooming products, which are available in other prisons.

In April 2022, White claimed involvement in an SPS gender policy review, proposing an “all-inclusive” wing for trans women.

Susan Smith from the For Women Scotland campaign group stated, “White is a highly dangerous individual with a history of heinous crimes. It’s troubling that current SPS policies might allow such a manipulative person to transfer to the women’s estate or receive a ‘day pass’ to engage with women, purportedly to support his ‘identity.’”

Rhona, who managed Cornton Vale, added, “The SPS has made itself vulnerable to demands from men like this by not absolutely excluding males who’ve committed sexual or physical violence against women.

“Last year Humza Yousaf described Isla Bryson as a manipulative rapist. It’s time for John Swinney to assert firmly, ‘Whether pretending or not, no man should be housed in a women’s prison. Ever.’”

White was apprehended after his computer was linked to images of child abuse, including footage he recorded of women in a bathroom, identifiable by a ring on his hand visible in two abuse images.

Clothing worn by the girl during the abuse was later found by police.

The 11-year-old was identified as a victim of White’s sexual misconduct.

At Hamilton Sheriff Court, Sheriff Marie Smart sentenced White to five years in prison on seven counts, placing him on the sex offenders register indefinitely. As of last December, Scotland housed 19 transwomen prisoners.

Bryson, from Clydebank, was found guilty in January last year of raping two women while living as a man named Adam Graham.

The former DJ, sentenced to eight years with an additional three on license, had transitioned while on bail and appeared at trial as Isla Bryson. Following a political uproar and concerns for female prisoner safety, Bryson was transferred from Cornton Vale to HMP Edinburgh.

A similar transfer had been requested by trans prisoner Tiffany Scott, 32, who died at HMP Grampian in March.

Regarding White’s referral to the Sandyford clinic, a spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said, “Everyone is entitled to NHS care based on clinical need.”

The SPS remarked, “We do not comment on individual cases,” and added, “We will consider a variety of factors, including past offenses, especially those involving violence against women and girls, in risk assessments. No transgender women with a history of violence against women and girls, who pose a risk, will be placed in the female estate.”

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