Conservative Scheme Aimed at Ousting Sunak and Instating Mordaunt as the Prime Minister

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Right-wing Tory MPs are reportedly planning a coup to replace Rishi Sunak with Penny Mordaunt in a desperate attempt to avoid a humiliating defeat in the upcoming general election. The plot, dubbed “100 Days To Save Britain,” envisions Mordaunt, best known for her role at the King’s coronation, becoming the new Prime Minister.

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This dramatic plan is believed to be a response to fears of a massive loss in this week’s local elections and comes on the heels of former health minister Dr. Dan Poulter’s defection to the Labour Party, casting further doubt on Sunak’s leadership.

The plotters believe that if Commons Leader Mordaunt took the helm and launched a series of right-wing policies focusing on tax and immigration, it could prevent a Labour landslide in the general election later this year.

One Tory rebel told the Sunday Telegraph, “The reality is that we are facing an extinction-level event. It’s for colleagues to decide if they want to go down with the ship.”

However, Mordaunt is understood to have dismissed the speculation as “codswallop.” Mainstream Conservatives argue that a shift to the right could worsen the party’s chances. Critics also claim that, despite her prominent display at the coronation, Mordaunt lacks the political skills required for the role.

Amidst the turmoil, Sunak has not ruled out a July general election, suggesting he could still call for a summer vote. Amidst growing speculation, he was vague about the election timing, saying it will happen in the second half of 2024. If Sunak goes, a new leader must appeal to the Greens to keep the party in power.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps warned Tory MPs against ousting Sunak, saying he should be given the space to do his job, describing him as “doing a great job” under difficult circumstances. However, a poor showing in the May 2 local elections could lead to a leadership challenge or push Sunak to consider an early general election to avoid further instability within the party.

The latest blow to Sunak’s leadership was the defection of Dan Poulter to Labour, citing the Tory party’s failure to prioritize the NHS. Poulter’s move is likely to unsettle already restless Tory MPs, further complicating Sunak’s position.

Sunak faced questions about the potential timing of the election on Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips, but he remained evasive, saying, “I’m not going to say anything more than I’ve already said.” The uncertainty over the general election date continues to fuel speculation about the future of the Conservative party and Sunak’s leadership.

The ongoing turmoil within the Tory party comes as the nation struggles with a range of challenges, including a cost-of-living crisis and widespread dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of key issues.

The full interview with Sunak will air on Sky News on Sunday morning. In the meantime, Conservative party turmoil continues to raise questions about the stability of the current government and the potential implications for the upcoming general election.

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