Chaos in Biden Impeachment Hearing as Lawmaker Brands it ‘Jurassic Park’

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During a raucous House Oversight Committee hearing on the impeachment inquiry into alleged Bidens’ corruption, a hot mic snagged a lawmaker’s offhand comment likening the proceedings to “Jurassic Park,” a nod to the session spiraling into bedlam.

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Frustration was in the air as the GOP-driven committee listened to witness testimonies that largely failed to back up any solid evidence of corruption.

Rep James Comer, head of the committee, put his foot down with Dan Goldman, a Democrat on the panel, telling him he was “out of order.” After a sharp rap of his gavel, he announced, “We’re on pause folks, till the clerk shows up for the vote your side wanted.”
Then, amidst the commotion, a voice on a hot mic dropped a gem: “You can’t script this madness. It’s like Jurassic Park in here. Jeez!” Who said it, though, remains a mystery.

Earlier that day, Massachusetts Democrat Rep Stephen Lynch, a veteran on the Oversight Committee, threw shade at the Republicans, saying, “You guys have managed to dig up more dirt to impeach Trump a third time than even nick Joe Biden.”

When you hear ‘the Biden family’ from them, it’s code for ‘We got zip on the president so let’s drag the Bidens to get to him,’” he pointed out. He didn’t hesitate to jab at the opposition for their “clumsy and ever-changing stories” that, in his view, did nothing but clear Biden’s name.

Just this month, Mr. Comer had thrown down the gauntlet, inviting Hunter Biden and his associates to face the committee.

Lev Parnas, once part of Rudy Giuliani’s crew, also took the stand, sharing his two cents: “I was all over the place, a whole year, trying to dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter in Ukraine for Mr. Giuliani.” After all that globetrotting, he confessed, “I came up with a big fat zero on the Bidens’ corruption over there.”

The Republicans’ push for impeachment hit a bump last month when the FBI’s informant, Alexander Smirnov, was cuffed. Smirnov had thrown Joe and Hunter Biden under the bus, crying bribery. But come February’s charges, those claims that once stoked the impeachment fire were stamped as “bogus dirt.”

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