Boeing Leadership Reshuffle as CEO Resigns Amid Safety Issues

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Boeing’s chief, Dave Calhoun, and a duo of senior officials have declared their resignation amidst ongoing safety concerns sparked by recent mishaps.

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An announcement on the company’s site on Monday by Mr Calhoun highlighted the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 ordeal as a pivotal “watershed moment” for Boeing. He expressed his intention to exit the corporation post this year, with Boeing aiming to bolster safety and assurance measures.

“We gotta face this mishap with humility and full transparency. And we need to embed a deep dedication to safety and quality at all levels in our outfit,” Mr Calhoun penned.

Mr Calhoun reflected on his tenure as “the utmost honor” of his career, committing to amending what’s broken and restoring Boeing’s safety image.

Alongside Mr Calhoun, Board Chairman Larry Kellner and Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO and President Stan Deal are also packing up their desks.

Boeing’s Dave Calhoun briefs the press after a sit-down with Sen. Mark Warner.

This shake-up follows multiple high-profile crashes that have eroded confidence in Boeing’s jets, particularly the 737 Max series.

A 737 Max suffered a door panel failure mid-flight in January on an Alaska Airlines route. The ensuing viral images and clips caused widespread alarm. This prompted the FAA and NTSB to launch probes, culminating in a halt on Boeing 737 Max 9 operations.

Initial reports revealed that critical bolts were absent from the door panel at lift-off, casting doubts over Boeing’s assembly protocols and production standards.

Still, Boeing’s woes stretch beyond the Alaska Airlines event.

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