Beloved Scottish Actress Gudrun Ure, Famous for Super Gran, Dies at 98

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Beloved Super Gran star Gudrun Ure has tragically passed away at the age of 98, as per reports.

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The widely adored Scottish actress is best known for her role in the 1980s children’s TV show about a grandma with superpowers.

Born in Campsie, Stirlingshire, she also featured in shows like Casualty and Midsomer Murders over her career, which started in 1951.

Her death was confirmed by her niece, Kate McNeill.

Ms. McNeill recalled her as a “really kind” person who enjoyed being recognized for her most famous role.

She mentioned that when she last saw her aunt in December, the actress was thrilled about the plans to reboot the TV show as a new film and remembered George Best appearing on the programme.

Her niece added: “She had a very memorable voice. I remember my husband was watching Casualty one night, and I said, ‘that’s Gudrun’ as soon as I heard the voice.”

Ure was married for over 40 years to John Ramsay, who died in 2008. The couple had a stepson, Gordon.

She lived in London and died at her home.

Heartbroken fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their sadness. One wrote: “So sad to hear that actress Gudrun Ure has died today at the age of 98.

“Born in Milton in Campsie, she was a seasoned actress of stage and screen. She was much-loved as Super Gran, the main character of the 1980s TV show.”

Another fan wrote: “Sad news coming in that Supergran AKA Gudrun Ure has passed away at the grand old age of 98.”

A third commented: “Ah no! Loved Supergran. Thanks for the memories Gudrun.” A fourth said: “Supergran was a great kids’ show and the theme song was an absolute banger. It is sad news #RIPGudrunUre.”

A fifth posted: “Ah no! I was just telling the kids about her last week. Sleep well Supergran.”

More fans were quick to pay tribute, with one saying: “Oh no. Remember Supergran, theme tune sung by Billy Connolly.”

While another added: “Broken at this. A massive, massive part of my youth. When things were that bit more innocent. Sleep tight Supergran.”

Born on March 12, 1926, she once played Desdemona to Orson Welles’ Othello. She also had starring roles in the 1954 film Man with a Million and in TV shows Garry Halliday and Armchair Theatre.

But the beloved actress is best known for her role in the Eighties TV series Super Gran. Gudrun was 59 when she starred in the beloved series for which she is now best remembered.

The children’s TV series – which inspired two computer games at the time – was based on a grandmother with superpowers from the books written by Forrest Wilson. Gudrun’s enemy on the show was the Scunner Campbell – played by the late actor and theatre director Iain Cuthbertson.

The show was so popular with youngsters during its time it won an Emmy and was sold to more than 60 countries worldwide. It even became a huge hit in Cuba, where it was dubbed into Spanish.

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