Baltimore Bride Criticized for Complaining About Delayed Wedding Supplies Following Bridge Collapse

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A bride-to-be, who has been labelled as ‘tone deaf’, has complained about her wedding items being delayed after a bridge collapsed in Baltimore. The Francis Scott Key Bridge fell into the Patapsco River in southeastern Baltimore City, Maryland after a massive cargo ship lost control and crashed into it.

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A video shared on social media on Tuesday shows the moment the disaster happened, with the huge ship catching fire and thick, black smoke pouring out of it. Six people went missing from the accident, two bodies have now been found with four others still being searched for but are thought to be dead.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore declared the incident a state of emergency and confirmed that he was working on getting help from the federal government to the East Coast port to assist with the cleanup. Despite the disaster taking up most of the news this week and grabbing the world’s attention, one bride-to-be has kept her focus on how the bridge collapse would affect her wedding and the many items she ordered for it.

A bride-to-be has sparked outrage online after complaining that a tragic bridge collapse might delay her wedding plans. She shared her worries on a bridal group, saying: “I ordered a bunch of things for my wedding and now I’m worried with the key bridge collapse and the port shut down they won’t get here in time,” followed by a sad face emoji.

People who saw her post were quick to criticise her. One person responded: “Read the room sis.” Another added: “I know this is not meant to sound tone deaf, because I know that it was not your intention I hope… but this sounds rude. People have died and are still unaccounted.”

Others urged her to delete her post, with one angry user saying: “Literally no one’s wedding is more important than someone’s life and I hope there’s a thunderstorm over their venue the whole day of their wedding.”

But the bride didn’t back down. She replied to one comment: “You can feel bad about it and still be worried about your own life too. This is something I’ve been planning for 4 years. Kind of a big part of my life. It’s sad yes but I thought this was a safe space to talk about wedding concerns.

“Nobody is jumping down the throat of people concerned about the traffic this will cause either. People can care about more than one thing at a time. Just because I’m concerned about this doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about the people too.”

But another person quickly replied: “You can be concerned to yourself… what if someone who went down with that bridge had family in this group. I hope those peoples souls are okay. Your wedding will be fine with or without those shipments. People’s lives were just changed forever.”

At least eight people went into the water when the bridge collapsed. Two were rescued but the other six, part of a construction crew that had been filling potholes on the bridge, are missing and presumed to have died given the water’s depth and the amount of time that has passed since the crash.

On Wednesday, March 27, two victims were identified as 35-year-old Alejandro Hernandez Fuentez from Baltimore and 26-year-old Darlene Rania El Castillo Cabrera from Dundalk. Both men’s families have been notified.

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