72-Year-Old British Man Drowns in India; Wife Witnesses Tragedy at Goa Beach

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A tragic accident took the life of a Brit while he and his wife were swept away by the ocean on an Indian vacation.

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Vijay Tulshidas Daswani, aged 72, lost his life at Goa’s Talpona beach last Friday as he went for an evening dip around 6pm.

Harish Raut Dessai, from the Canacona police, shared with The Independent that a “mighty wave” had yanked the couple into the sea.

Lifeguards dashed into action, pulling the two to safety. The wife was resuscitated, but, sadly, Vijay couldn’t be revived.

Daswani, hailing from Mapesbury, London, was rushed to a nearby clinic, yet was declared deceased afterwards.

The UK Foreign Office representative stated: “We’re helping the family of a British gent who’s passed away in India and are coordinating with the local officials.”

Officer Dessai recounted, “We got the alert call around 6.13pm on Friday, that Vijay Tulshidas Daswani, 72, from Mapesbury, London, was brought in as a drowning casualty.

“At Talpona Beach, a fierce wave swept over the couple into the ocean. Lifeguards managed to get them back to land, but Mr. Vijay was pronounced gone at the Community Health Centre in Talpona.

“The body was dispatched to the district’s South Goa District Hospital in Margao for a post-mortem over the weekend.

“A case of accidental death was registered under section 174 of the CRPC (Criminal Procedure Code).”

A Canacona police spokesperson elaborated, “Ignoring the cautions, the duo waded into deeper waters.

“They started drifting away and signaled for help; that’s when the lifeguards came to their aid. They managed to bring the wife back around but, tragically, the husband was beyond saving.”

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