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Issue 8: January 2014


Here you find all this issue's articles on the policy focus of Smart Cities: Smart Services: Smart Working

Smart Cities: Smart Services: Smart Working Editorial

In focusing on 'Smart Cities' let's start with a few teaser questions (answers at the foot of this column)...

Smart Ticketing And Smart Cities

Evidence shows customers engage far more with ticketing systems that work across entire networks - particularly so when led by cities at the heart of that network. Which will be the Smart City to lead the way with a multi-modal ticketing scheme bringing together the interests of the travelling public, government and commercial operators?

Connecting the Unconnected

The Wheatley Group's digital strategy is helping tenants in disadvantaged communities get online

Smarter cities, greener cities cost less to run

The Green Loan from the UK Green Investment Bank is now available to local authorities - helping them to replace street lighting and reduce carbon footprint while making substantial savings to reinvest in new services

The Future of Mobility - Economic and Transport Opportunity

Building an Intelligent Mobility Cluster in Scotland for the People and Businesses in Scotland is a major transport and economic opportunity

Will 2014 be the year that cities become even smarter?

Edinburgh's Storm ID believe cities that are now building a rich and detailed information platform and supporting an ecosystem of developers to develop the services will be at an increasing economic and public service advantage

Geographic Information for Smart Working

Geography, data and innovation combine to deliver smart working in ways that save money, build more sustainable communities and increasingly empower citizens

Smart Accelerator: Accelerating action to create smarter cities and regions

Multiple agencies have come together to support the identification, development and acceleration of large-scale "smart" projects that deliver support for Scotland's transition to a low carbon economy

Public Service Reform in an Enabling State: It's about people - not just curly cables

Carnegie UK Trust has been looking at The Enabling State - What if the role of the state was to be an enabler of individual and community capacity rather than simply a provider of 'service' packages?

Data's the way to do it as Glasgow fast forwards to the future

Is Glasgow's Future Cities Demonstrator project at the beginning of something that has the potential to transform the city and put it at the forefront of innovative and smart cities in the UK and internationally?

Time To Start Powering Public Services?

Economic growth does not always deliver better quality of life for citizens or the environment. So for a Smart City or community, smart growth is needed where city and regional leaders prioritise their best growth opportunities

A 'Smart' Move for Scotland? Edinburgh Napier University's role in the EU Smart Cities Project

Edinburgh Napier University's involvement in the EU Smart Cities Project reveals layers of opportunity and complexity across cities, public services and low carbon

Transport for Edinburgh - Integrated Transport for a Smart City

Edinburgh has seen major projects transform the city's transport infrastructure and the future is now full of opportunity

"Smart" Opportunities for Scotland's Cities

The Scottish Cities Alliance is focussing on a Scotland wide Smart Cities strategy, bringing together public, private and academic partners to collectively develop and implement ideas in a way they could not do working independently.

Co-ordinating Investment to Deliver 'Smart Places'

Gains from sustainable development unlocked through smarter places could be some orders of magnitude greater than squeezing more from top down efficiencies driven from economies of scale. Recent experience in Scotland and the UK, shows the untapped potential of these approaches...

Delivering a sustainable rail future

A train operator's perspective on passengers, investment and Scottish rail


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