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Issue 6


Our sixth issue policy focus is on the policy theme of Training, Skills, Education and the Economy. We also consider a range of broader public policy issues. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Our next issue will feature discussion and analysis on the policy theme of Health, Well Being and Ageing: Scotland 2020. Please contact us if you would like to discuss contributing to the next issue:


Recent public policy related developments in England remind us that we should be constantly revisiting social and legal trends in Scotland, testing them against internal and external perspectives and evidence...

Training, Skills, Education and the Economy

In this issue's policy focus we feature a range of articles giving perspectives on the provision of training, skills and education and their relationship to the economy

In this issue's policy focus you will find a range of articles giving perspectives on public services, modernisation and reform. - See more at:
In this issue's policy focus you will find a range of articles giving perspectives on public services, modernisation and reform. - See more at:

Scotland's Digital Connectivity

Colin Cook, the Scottish Government's Deputy Director for Digital Strategy and Programmes, sets out the policy framework and delivery programme for delivering world class digital connectivity

In My View...

John Morrison is former Chief Political Correspondent of BBC Scotland. As a Scottish Policy Now regular columnist he gives an insight into what is unfolding in policy terms beyond the politics and rhetoric of the day. In this issue he reflects on leadership and adversity

Dundee: From Waterfront redevelopment to city economy regeneration

The redevelopment of Dundee Waterfront is already transforming the City. David Milne believes there is much more still to come for the Dundee economy given the right support to build on what has been achieved.

Scottish Universities And Reputation Management

The recent publication of the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings gives pause for reflection on perceptions of Scottish universities globally - and how these perceptions might be expected to evolve in the future given the ongoing constitutional debate.

Energy Master Planning And Sustainability

Dave Anderson believes Scotland has the opportunity to reap big dividends in developing decentralised electricity generation networks with cities having a major role to play through the development of energy master planning.

This land is our land ? Or is it?

After ten years of Land Reform Alison Elliot discusses what has worked and what's next

Transforming Customer Service Delivery Across Scotland's Public Sector

Customer service delivery in the public sector is growing in importance as budgets come under increasing challenge. Professionalising skills development in this area has been growing in recent years.

How is Scotland Weathering the Storm? Can other small countries learn from the 'Scottish model'?

Like other small countries around the world Scotland's public services are facing significant pressures. Recent research by the Carnegie UK Trust and Wales Public Services 2025 suggests that other small countries might be able to learn from the Scottish approach to public service reform. Jenny Brotchie, Policy Officer with the Carnegie UK Trust and co- author of Weathering the Storm? A look at small countries public services in times of austerity explains why.

Social Business Can Transform Public Services

With rising expectations and falling budgets in the public sector, there is growing evidence that social business approaches can deliver better results in the business of government.

Whistleblowing - prevention better than the cure

Growing demand for public sector transparency means 'whistelblowing' is going to increase rather diminish. What to do?

Lessons From The 3rd Annual School Business Managers Conference

What were the key themes to emerge from the recent conference for School Business Managers? Read on...

The Opportunity to eradicate child poverty in Scotland

Can we be the generation that eradicates child poverty in Scotland?

Positive About Planning

Craig McLaren says RTPI Scotland wants to see improved performance of the planning system and that a properly resourced system is key to achieving ambitions for sustainable development, economic growth and successful places across Scotland.

Policy Shorts

Increased Management Consultancy in government, launch of IPPR research into 'Condition of Britain' and Scottish solution to English HE problems...

Rail freight, the economy, the environment and the Highlands

David Spaven thinks there needs to be a better balance between investment in road and rail


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