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Issue 8: January 2014


In this issue's policy focus we feature Smart Cities: Smart Services: Smart Working. There is also the usual range of broader public policy topics. Issue 9 in April 2014 will ask "What will be Scotland's economic USP over the years to 2050?" From energy to food and drink, and everything in between, where and how do we secure our global niche? As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for the next edition at


Here you find all this issue's articles on the policy focus of Smart Cities: Smart Services: Smart Working

Children - Putting Policy Into Practice

There is a growing consensus about the importance of shifting to early intervention and preventative spending in our public services. Barnardo's believe that after years of scientific reports and policy papers they are turning evidence into action that will make a real difference.

Worth more than the First Minister? Senior Salaries in Scottish Quangos

Reform Scotland asks whether an examination of quangos is needed to decide if their functions should be brought in-house or whether they should be turned into independent bodies

Success secrets shared: Learning from the best Mittelstand and British global niche champions

What is the secret of success for global niche champion companies and how can we nurture these jewels for future growth?

Remembering John Muir

The centenary of John Muir's death provides an opportunity recognise his environmental influence globally and to use his inspiration in the contemprary challenge on climate change

Internship Can be Good For You

'Adopting an Intern' has promoted a lot of small businesses growth. Could you benefit too?

Planning for Human Rights in Scotland

Scotland's first National Action Plan for Human Rights was launched on 10th December 2013. The SNAP plan aims to progressively achieve the full realisation of human rights in Scotland. So what's next?

Power to the People?

The challenge of reimagining local democracy may be considerable but there are some signs that not only does the public support change, many would like to have some involvement in improving the quality of life in their community.

Evidence exchange: sharing social policy lessons between neighbours

Social policy evidence sharing across the UK is to see support from an Evidence Exchange programme supported by the Carnegie UK Trust and Joseph Rowntree trust

Helping to build stronger communities across Scotland

There are some passionate advocates of Business Improvement Districts. With 19 in Scotland and many more on the way, what's the attraction?

How Can We Engage The Disengaged?

How do we capitalise on the enthusiasm for alternative forms of democratic engagement and transform this type of participation into people voting, in particular among our young people?

Pay as you Go?

Would a system of road pricing which charges drivers for the time, distance and location of their journey offer a fairer and better way of charging for use of our roads than the current tax regime?


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