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Issue 10


In this issue we have invited contributors to discuss some of the current public policy challenges and options they see - regardless of our constitutional/institutional status. We have had the Referendum, but we don't yet have an answer as to what is next. As that unpacks we will return to the discussion of policy development and objectives against constitutional context. Issue 11 - in Winter 2014 - will examine 'Health and the Nation'. Where does Scotland stand in wellness terms at home, at work, culturally, economically, politically and as a civic society? We will also feature a range of broader public policy issues. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for the next edition at

Scotland and Digital Skills

Scotland has a major opportunity and a significant challenge in delivering the ICT skills required to underpin the future success of the Scottish economy.

Renting, heating or eating - stark choices for some people...

The referendum result means a period of debate and negotiation about additional powers with welfare and taxation on the agenda, but not yet energy. The desired outcome is to enable those on the lowest incomes to pay the rent, heat their home and afford to eat.

Building a better economy for Scotland

Jeremy Peat proposes a new post-referendum approach to identifying the kind of Scotland we want to be and the mechanisms we need to use to inform rational judgments on policy and the economy

Beyond the referendum: the need to support independent local news

Local news media has a vital role to play in sustaining a renewed focus for democratic debate and discussion in Scotland.

Changing Health and Social Care

Working with people rather than viewing them as passive recipients of services allows us to consider new ways of looking at how we design services for the times ahead

Creating Jobs for Scotland?

Long-term economic development is likely to be a tortuous slog and small steps in mundane areas of policy will prove more effective than big ticket programmes. Jobs will be created and sustained if new powers are used cleverly in conjunction with existing powers.

Putting People at the Centre

Putting people at the centre of services is the real challenge, regardless of the constitutional position argues Kathryn Wane.

5 ideas for Nicola

A perspective on what a Nicola Sturgeon led Scottish Government might want to tackle in its early days

The Doctor Will See You Now

Reform Scotland argues for patient choice over GP practices in order to drive up standards

There's never been a better time to change how we do Local Democracy

The real prize for democracy from the referendum debate is what it would take to improve people's lives locally, the local services that they need, and how they can have a meaningful say about them. That it is worth fighting for.

Changing Lives for the Better

While we come to terms with the Referendum result we need to remember that everyone has a right to be involved. Care experienced young people and people affected by dementia and their carers can lead high quality lives on their own terms.

Making the weather?

The climate change challenge we face remains enduringly consistent, whatever the constitutional weather

Building a Social Enterprise Nation

Social Enterprise Scotland's Duncan Thorp believes that the key now is to get beyond the constitutional debate and into the wider question of what type of society Scotland should be.

Food and Drink - a Scottish success

James Withers sees a bright future for Scotland's food and drink industry as one of the strongest performing sectors in the Scottish economy.

Keeping the Faith

Faith communities want to be part of the debate on how our future powers and relationships will change.

The changing landscape for local government

Wrap Paul Bradbury, Group Business Development Director at Civica discusses how a steady shift in consumer behaviour and the economy is forcing local authorities to radically rethink the way they do things


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