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Issue 7: Nov 2013


In this issue's policy focus we feature a range of articles looking at Health, Well Being and Ageing: Scotland 2020. We also consider a range of broader public policy issues. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Issue 8 will feature Smart Cities: Smart Services: Smart Working. Ranging from carbon consumption to mobility and from digital innovation to global competitiveness, the combination of our cities as growth drivers and the evolving need for smart cultures in all we do present tremendous challenges and opportunities. Issue 8 will provide a platform for discussion of Scotland's 'Smart' horizon. We will also feature a range of broader public policy issues. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for the next edition at

Health, Well Being and Ageing: Scotland 2020

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We have a right to know

We ask the Scottish Information Commissioner about her first year in office and the maturing Freedom of Information agenda.

Interview: Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

What does the UK government think about Productive Ageing? We asked Danny Alexander for his views after he spoke at a recent conference.

Transport investment: a key part of economic recovery

Sara Thiam discusses the main findings of the Institution's recently launched State of the Nation Transport report.

Planning for your/our pension futures?

Pensions are a contentious issue and now they are becoming political too. Christine Scott examines some aspects of the current debate and challenges ahead.

Launch of Commission for Strengthening Local Democracy

The CoSLA Commission will be listening to the views of people and communities across Scotland and setting out what it would take to put stronger local democracy at the heart of Scotland's constitutional future.

People Power: Why Employers Should Invest for Success

Business needs to improve employee engagement to achieve better competitiveness and raise profits.

Are we really crossing the digital divide?

The importance of digital connectivity and the need to help people access the internet - with the arrival of Universal Credit and online benefit applications - means there is now a real opportunity and impetus to develop a new, collaborative approach to tackling Scotland's digital divide.

Making it local and integrated in Argyll & Bute

Social enterprise can deliver public services, as public sector project partners in Argyll and Bute have discovered.

Social Productivity - what it means for Scotland's environment

Work carried out by SEPA and SNH in evolving their approaches to community engagement sets out a vision for how social productivity could allow for sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

Supporting Independent Renewable Energy

Scottish Renewables is working to promote the benefits of independent, on-site renewable generation highlighting the rewards in terms of cutting energy costs, creating a new income stream by selling excess power and reducing carbon footprint


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