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Issue 11


In this issue we examine 'Health and the Nation'. Where does Scotland stand in wellness terms at home, at work, culturally, economically, politically and as a civic society? We also feature a range of broader public policy issues as usual. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for the next edition at Issue 12 will be published in August 2015 and with one Referendum and one UK election down - and a Scottish Parliament election to come - that issue will examine government and governance across the UK and the implications of the outcomes for Scottish policy.

Health and the Nation

Here you will find all this issue's articles on the policy focus of Health and the Nation

Coalition, Cooperation and Culture-Change

Edinburgh's council leader believes double-devolution of economic policy powers and funding powers to local councils would see a complete transformation of local democracy and local economies for the better

Hard work, hard times: The lived experience of in-work poverty

Recent work by Ipsos MORI Scotland in Glasgow confirmed that having a job is no longer a guarantee of avoiding poverty

Christie 4 years on: People and Services

People need to have significant control over what services are and how they are provided to make a real impact on inequality

Christie 4 years on: Missing Real Opportunities?

Dave Watson argues that while the general direction of travel of the Christie Commission as a roadmap for reform is still evident, the way has been lost in key areas

Christie - 4 years on : Digested or Diverted?

Christie made clear that demographic change and limited public funds mean we cannot continue as we are but current thinking has become ever-more short-term and cautious as the Referendum and endless elections distort the debate

Christie - 4 years on: Prevention - so much agreement, so little progress

Cultural and systemic factors have inhibited the prevention agenda - real incentives are needed to overcome the reactive status quo

Governments, trust and empowering communities

Can trust in government be increased via the 'enabling state' - where the government's role transforms from doing things to people to doing things with them?

Developing a real Northern Powerhouse?

Does city-led devolution in England present a threat to Scotland's economic success?

Scotland's Evolving Land Reform

Calum Macleod believes the Scottish Government's land reform proposals are progressive but relatively modest attempts to usher the relationship between Scotland's people and land into the 21st century

Does Scotland have the capacity to produce its own energy policy?

Paul Cairney examines the effect of the current constitutional position on energy policy in Scotland

Policy Shorts

Snippets of stories you may find of interest


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