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Issue 1: December 2011


Our first issue examines the opportunity for Digital Scotland to become a reality and to realise the financial, social and economic dividends in prospect. We welcome comment and contributions. Our second issue will feature discussion and analysis across the policy themes of care and health. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the next edition.

Welcome Editorial

Welcome to the first edition of Scottish Policy Now.

Cabinet Secretary's GovCamp Speech

Cabinet Secretary's keynote speech re-iterates the need for effective partnerships to achieve the ambitions of the Digital Scotland strategy.

A Planet of Smart Cities: Scotland's digital challenge

The digital challenge is one where we need to imagine how we can grow smart cities that work collaboratively for success as they compete globally. Scotland needs to become a pole of digital expertise to thrive in a planet of cities.

First Minister welcomes Scottish Policy Now

Who will be reading Scottish Policy Now?

Wiring up the Scottish Public Sector

Like most governments here and elsewhere, the Scottish government has found great value in turning to expert advice on challenges that face Scotland.

Increasing digital participation levels in Scotland - what needs to happen next?

Last month's GovCamp Scotland conference concluded with the signing of a charter by the Scottish Government and a number of key public and private sector bodies....

Giving young Scots the skills for success in the digital economy

Youngsters know about applications and how to use them, so why not give them the opportunity to work with industry experts to learn how to design and build new apps for the future?

Sopra Group: One GovCamp partner's perspective

The potential gain from collaboration across sectors far outweighs the commitment required from individual stakeholders in the digital arena.

Bringing alive the Digital Participation Charter for Scotland's citizens, communities and businesses

How do we increase digital participation levels in Scotland and deliver the associated economic, social and environmental benefits?

Digital Scotland, Collaboration and Global Opportunity - Collabonomics for a Digital Scotland

The key to realising digital ambition is embracing the digital future, deploying infrastructure, engaging citizens, government and industry. Then we must deliver transformative results that position Scotland for prosperity and leadership in decades to come.

Open Data: A digital opportunity for social, economic, and financial wins

Open Data: Can the Scottish Government fire up digital collaboration and harvest early success by obtaining and publishing data sets?.

Digital Society and Community Engagment

Social and community developments both help create the digital society and are themselves reinforced by it. The Carnegie Trust sees opportunities for broader community engagment.


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