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Issue 24


Welcome to Issue 24. We hope you enjoy this week's articles - we are interested in similar contributions from others in differing policy areas. If you have a perspective you would like to share in a future issue please contact us. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for a future edition at Issue 25 will be published in two weeks' time and fortnightly thereafter.


As the Conservative leadership contest continues apace this week, Brexit is omnipresent. Brexit has taken two Tory leaders and Prime Ministers out at the knees, and it is the focus of what is effectively a single-issue leadership campaign.

It's time for wider interest in the reform of legal regulation

Are consumers and law firms in Scotland being left behind? In October an independent review of legal regulation suggested that “the current complex regulatory framework was a serious, constraint on growth, investment and innovation”, and that this was having a negative impact on both consumers and the economic sustainability of the sector.

Work-Place Parking Charges

There has been a great deal of debate about the proposed work-place parking levy. The Scottish Government has been heavily criticised for wanting to introduce a so-called tax on workers. However, despite the hype and media coverage, that is not what the legislation would actually do. What the policy will actually do is devolve power to local authorities, so they are able to choose whether a scheme is right for their area. Basically, the Transport Bill would be enabling legislation giving an additional power to councils in Scotland. A power that local authorities in England and Wales already enjoy. Devolving the power does not mean schemes will necessarily be introduced.


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