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Issue 2: March 2012


Our second issue features perspectives on the Scottish Government's budget, public sector reform, cities policy and a range of contributions on Care and Health, this issue's policy focus. We welcome comment and contributions. Our next issue will feature discussion and analysis across the policy themes of capital investment and infrastructure. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the next edition.


Welcome to Issue 2 of Scottish Policy Now. As you can see from the buttons on this page, the policy focus of this edition is Care and Health. We also cover a broader range of topics and issues that we hope you will find interesting...

Care and Health Policy Focus

A range of contributions from practitioners in care and health

Nicola Sturgeon's Ambitions for Care & Health

Nicola Sturgeon gave the keynote speech at the recent MacKay Hannah conference on Care and Health. Afterwards she spoke with Scottish Policy Now on the integration of care services.

The Role of the Scottish Budget in Stimulating Investment

Paul Brewer assesses the challenges to investment and growth in the Scottish economy and examines how the Scottish Government's budget has been structured toward stimulating strategic investment.

In My View...

John Morrison is former Chief Political Correspondent of BBC Scotland and joins Scottish Policy Now as a regular columnist. Here he gives an insight into what is unfolding in policy terms beyond the politics and rhetoric of the day.

The Evolving Public Sector Response to Budget Challenges

Public sector spend is declining in real terms but the legal duties of public bodies have not been scaled back. Prevention is part of the long term answer but in the short to medium term, some initiatives are underway, as public service providers work more in partnership and seek to integrate services.

Welfare Reform - Lone Parents Caught in the Cross-Fire

Marion Davis argues that the Welfare Reform Bill currently going through the UK Parliament will damage lone parent families. She believes we should move away from the UK's Adult Worker model and adopt instead the Scandinavian Parent-Worker model.

A Tale of Two City Strategies

Cities policy is back. Governments in Edinburgh and London are placing renewed policy emphasis on cities as drivers of economic growth, but what approach are they taking? Nathan Goode assesses the starting points and comparative approaches.

A Digital Soapbox

The digital exchange of information and opinion should empower a much wider range of people to become engaged in public debate. Does that platform for expression require minimum standards of openness?

Searching for Scotland's 'Green Gold' - A Reader Writes

David Woodhouse contacted us after reading Issue 1 and asked to contribute his own opinion on a subject close to his heart - tourism. Here is what he has to say.

What to do with Scotland's Ageing Population?

Professor Charlie Jeffrey considers policy approaches to ageing and universalism since the advent of the Scottish Parliament and looks forward to the choices ahead.

A Health Constitutional Conundrum on Medicines?

Are we seeing a constitutional conundrum develop in health, where currently pricing of medicines is reserved, but valuing is devolved? As the move to Value Based Pricing of medicines unfolds, a contradiction between devolved and reserved powers emerges.

Care and Health Editorial

We often use the words 'health' and 'care' in conjunction with each other and more often than not we use both in a very imprecise way. As we age in population terms the relationship between health and care becomes a lot more complex and potentially badly fragmented....

What do Patients Think?

The Scotland Patient Association hears direct from patients about the concerns and anxieties they have when they encounter the NHS. Dr Jean Turner outlines some of the patient led concerns that the Scotland Patient Association would like to see addressed.

A Demand Led Approach to Services for Older People

As demand for services for older people increases and budgets come under growing pressure, experience in some areas suggests local authorities and health bodies need to look beyond traditional, supply-led approaches to savings.

Anticipating the Ills of Ageing

Advanced planning and consultation with higher risk patients can deliver fewer admissions, earlier discharge and lower costs. Person centred care planning works for patients and health services.

The Christie Report and Care - Time to Stand and Deliver?

Ideas on prevention and asset-based approaches have been around for a long time and reflect a growing desire from people to have a different relationship with support and services. Implementing Christie challenges us to deliver the prevention agenda in the right way and for the right reasons.

Telehealth and Telecare for Older People

Innovation allied to practice based co-operation in telecare and telehealth is seeing dramatic improvements in patient safety, quality of life and enhanced self care. As a result, assisted living with quality of life in their own homes is a much more realistic prospect for many older people.


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