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Issue 16


Welcome to Issue 16. We hope you enjoy this week's articles and find something of interest to read. We are delighted that Andy Maciver, Director at Message Matters, will now be a regular contributor to future editions and we are interested in similar contributions from others in differing policy areas. In the next issue we will have a focus on transport so if you have a perspective you would like to share on this or another theme please contact us. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for a future edition at Issue 17 will be published in two weeks' time and fortnightly thereafter.

The Independent Group: Shake Up or Short Term?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the two dominant parties of the last century? Or are the Gang of Seven, Eight, then Eleven simply having a collective strop which will be stamped out by a combination of Brexit events and the First Past the Post electoral system.

Landlines in cells: Helping families and supporting rehabilitation

The UK Government is allowing thousands more prisoners in England and Wales to be able to make phone calls from their cells as part of a drive to reduce violence and reoffending. Reform Scotland has called for a similar scheme to be piloted in Scotland - currently prisoners here have to queue to use public phones within the prisons, which can be a trigger for violence and intimidation.


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