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Issue 15


Scottish Policy Now is delighted to be back in its new fortnightly format. Following an extended period in which constitutional questions have dominated the policy debate - and continue to do so - SPN will focus on the policy challenges which still have to be met regardless of the wider politics. In this issue we address Brexit too and such strategic matters won't be ignored. However our main focus will always be on the policy areas directly affecting both Scottish public services delivery and Scottish economic success week in and week out. As always, we welcome comment and contributions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising in or writing for a future edition at Issue 16 will be published in two weeks' time and then fortnightly thereafter.

Brexit - the best laid plans

The vote of 23 June 2016 will surely be seen by future modern political historians as a game changer for the United Kingdom, possibly also for Scotland and potentially for the direction of travel of the EU. We were told it was going to be easy.....

Scottish Parliament Turns 20....

The Scottish Parliament is young. Like any 20-year-old, it has had its ups and downs. It has made mistakes. It has behaved like a toddler and a teenager. It has copied its parents without asking why. But it has also shown glimpses of real talent. It has used its relative innocence to think differently. It has thrown open the doors of politics and government. In short, it has done well enough that nobody wants to get rid of it. However, many people do want to make it better. And with the 20th anniversary of its opening upon us, this is a good time to ask how we can do that.

A Perspective on the Planning (Scotland) Bill - Delivery and outcome focussed?

There is a continuing and urgent housing crisis in the UK – something we only need eyes to know with so many homeless people on the streets and with so many young people struggling to access housing beyond the parental home. This is not a new problem. The cumulative shortfall in new home building, particularly in the affordable sector, has been the case for many years. Indeed if you look at housing delivery over the last forty years you will see a clear, downward trend, spanning the inevitable cycle of boom and bust.


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