Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and MSPs: How they work and how to influence them - Thursday 21st February 2019

The Conference examines how the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Ministers and MSPs work and explains the policy and media context within which decision making in those organisations take place.  The conference is aimed at people and organisations that need to be heard in high places in order to influence policy and decision making.

The conference will examine how policy is made and how decisions are taken, what influences those decisions, the importance of the wider media and the political context in which government operates and the regulatory and political context within which influencing take places.

This conference is aimed at providing you with a step-by-step guide to making your voice heard in the corridors of power.  Read more here.

11th Annual Rail Conference: What's next for rail in Scotland - 27th February 2019

The Annual Scottish Rail Conference is now into its 11th year.  It is the Scottish rail industry's annual event, bringing together key industry voices and providing the annual focal point for the Scottish rail industry to consider future projects, Scottish Government policy and planning, delivery of the rail capital programme and excellence in approaches to service delivery and partnership.

Scottish Ministers have now published their High Level Outlook Specification for Control Period 6 within which they restate their objectives for rail in Scotland: improved services, improved capacity, improved value, more effective integration and increasing inclusive economic growth. Control Period 6 (CP6) objectives and funding for Network Rail are due to commence in April 2019 with the ORR already well down its path to determination of delivery targets and funding requirement for Network Rail.

Delivering Effective Justice in Scotland: Getting smarter on crime and causes of crime - 21st March 2019

Scotland's new Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf MSP, has identified clear priorities for justice in Scotland.  He wants to strengthen victims' rights, support offenders in moving away from crime and give communities confidence to report crime.

The Cabinet Secretary has said: "using data to determine what works, I'll be keen to work collaboratively with partners to reduce the cycle of reoffending....How justice works with other public services such as health and education is clearly very important given our commitment to prevention and early intervention...Reducing the use of ineffective short-term imprisonment and increasing the use of robust community sentences, is part of our smarter approach to tackling offending."  Read more here..

2nd Annual Passenger Transport Conference: Disruptive Technology and Demanding Times - 27th March 2019

This conference will bring together representatives from Scotland's passenger and public transport interests with innovators in disruptive technology to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead as services and passenger expectations are transformed by digital opportunity.

The day will focus on three sessions - Passenger and Public Transport in the Disruptive Digital Age, Passenger Transport for Communities and the Economy and Digital Disruption.

Scotland's economies and communities are served by the full range of passenger transport modes.  Within and between communities, rail, bus, ferry, air, tram and urban rail services provide the lifeblood of daily commuter travel and enable urban, rural and remote Scotland to sustain jobs, businesses, public services and strong communities.  Strengthening, protecting and growing these services are both an economic and a transport opportunity. 

Reform of Adults with Incapacity Law in Scotland: Understanding and shaping what's coming next - Thursday 25th April 2019

The way in which adults with incapacity are safeguarded in Scotland is set out in The Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland) 2000.  This addresses how their welfare is protected and how their finances and possessions are managed when they cannot make decisions themselves.

This conference is timed to provide the opportunity to understand and engage with the Scottish Government's proposals following their current stakeholder engagement and to help shape the final recommendations before the legislative process begins.

The Scottish Government consulted in 2018 on its proposals to amend the law in order to comply with both Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but also to address proposals from the Office of the Public Guardian to develop a new system of graded guardianship.  Read more here.

The New Consumer Scotland Agency: Investigation is coming - Tuesday 30th April 2018

The Scottish Government has announced it will introduce legislation in 2019 to create Consumer Scotland - a new agency to represent the interests of consumers in Scotland.  

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister, Scottish Government, told Parliament:

"Our work to build a fairer Scotland will also include, in the year ahead, a new Consumer Protection Bill to secure fairer outcomes for consumers."  Programme for Government statement, 4 September 2018.

This conference will examine proposals for the new Consumer Scotland Agency.  It will look at how it could fit into the existing advisory and regulatory framework of support for consumers and examine how it will use its powers and influence to mandate and advocate for change in marketplaces.  Read more here.

New Transport Infrastructure for Scotland: 3rd Annual Conference - 9th May 2019

The Scottish Government has stated its determination to dramatically increase expenditure on capital investment projects in Scotland and to focus that increase on growth related projects.  Transport infrastructure projects sit at the centre of both capital spending and the kind of project development that drives growth.  This conference will examine how the transport project pipeline will be developed.

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister, Scottish Government stated "the pledge that I am making today is to increase capital investment year on year so that, by 2025-26 it is £1.5 billion higher than the 2019-20 baseline...." 4 September 2018, Programme for Government Debate, Scottish Parliament.  

Read more here.

Children and Young People's Mental Health in Scotland: delivering joined-up prevention, intervention and whole community support - 21st May 2019

This conference discusses the Scottish Government's strategy to transform the provision of child and adolescent mental health services in Scotland.  The specific new financial commitments to service expansion and the work of its joint Task Force on Children and Young People's Mental Health - which produced interim recommendations in September 2018 - set the scene for major service and policy developments.

The Preliminary View and Recommendations of the Task Force were published in September last year.  It concluded that new focus is needed on prevention and early intervention, better joined-up seamless general support.  It also called for more immediately available specialist services and the promotion of a whole community approach to understanding where mental health and well-being problems are best supported.

The Scottish Transport Show - 25th September 2019

The Scottish Transport Show is an exhibition, networking event, masterclass programme and series of open discussions and innovation sessions. The show is focussed on innovation and excellence in Scottish transport, in supporting growth, delivering employment, sustaining communities, creating export opportunities and achieving carbon reduction.

The Scottish transport sector – its operators, the supporting supply chains and the passenger and freight customers powering the sector collectively – is a core driver of the Scottish economy. The Scottish Transport Show provides a meeting place for the transport sector to showcase innovation, discuss collaborative opportunities, network with transport leaders in all sectors and explore how the resources and expertise which are being used to transform transport in Scotland can also be turned into exporting opportunities in markets seeking leading edge transport intelligence and services.


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