Scotland's New Planning Act: The Act, Its Consequences and the Next Steps - Tuesday 3rd September 2019

The Scottish Government's new Planning Act for Scotland aimed to ..."change planning's operation and its reputation from that of a regulator to a positive and active enabler of good quality development..." This conference explains whether it has been successful, the content and implications of the new Act and what you need to know about how the Act will affect planning and development in Scotland.

The Planning Act is expected to complete its Parliamentary process to become law in the first half of 2019 and this conference is timed to reflect upon the substance and implications of the new Act. It will examine the content of the new planning laws, explaining how they will change the planning process and system, and will outline the implications of those changes for planners, developers, communities and the wider economy.  Read more here.

The Role of Regulators in Scotland: Delivering Effective Accountability and Scrutiny for Public Services, Markets and Consumers - Thursday 12th September 2019

This conference discusses Scotland's regulators and regulatory regimes and the current and future approach in Scotland to the regulation of public services, markets and companies. It examines how disruptive technology and data, changing consumer demands, increased powers for the Scottish Parliament and developing trends in regulation have combined to affect accountability, service delivery and improvement.

In 2006 the Crerar Review reported its recommendations on how Scotland's systems of regulation, audit, and inspection and complaints handling for public services could be improved. The 2014 Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act aimed to further improve the way regulation is developed and applied in order to deliver consistent and proportionate regulation.  Read more here.

The Scottish Transport Show - Wednesday 25th September 2019

The Scottish Transport Show is an exhibition, networking event, masterclass programme and series of open discussions and innovation sessions. The show is focussed on innovation and excellence in Scottish transport, in supporting growth, delivering employment, sustaining communities, creating export opportunities and achieving carbon reduction.

The Scottish transport sector – its operators, the supporting supply chains and the passenger and freight customers powering the sector collectively – is a core driver of the Scottish economy. The Scottish Transport Show provides a meeting place for the transport sector to showcase innovation, discuss collaborative opportunities, network with transport leaders in all sectors and explore how the resources and expertise which are being used to transform transport in Scotland can also be turned into exporting opportunities in markets seeking leading edge transport intelligence and services.  Read more here.

 The New Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland: Who's included, what's covered, how will it work? - Thursday 3rd October 2019

This conference will discuss the Scottish Government's recently announced proposals for a deposit return scheme which will cover metal cans, PET plastic and glass; it is intended to charge a 20p per container returnable deposit.

The framework and detail of the scheme remain open to discussion, with a 'super-affirmative' parliamentary process required to be completed in order to put in place the regulations that will set out the structure, governance and operation of the final scheme.

This conference provides the opportunity to understand what is proposed, how the scheme is intended to work, who will be affected and what amendements to the proposed scheme may be possible.  Read more here.

After Brexit Deal or No Deal: Understanding what comes next - 10th October 2019

This conference, run in association with Morton Fraser LLP, will take place three weeks before the 31st October deadline on which the United Kingdom will formally leave the EU - with or without a deal.

It is designed to explain the shape and implications of the deal or no deal, the consequential negotiations which will have to take place and the meaning of all of these for future trade, access to markets, availability and movement of labour and the long term relationship of the UK to the EU.

If you want to understand the consequences of a deal or no deal Brexit for your organisation, start here.  

A Tourist Tax for Scotland: Exploring the challenges and opportunities of a new levy - Thursday 24th October 2019 

This conference examines how a Scottish tourism tax might be structured, how it could be operated, what the impact of such a tax would be and the potential benefits which may arise from the use of revenues from a tourism tax.

In November 2018 the Scottish Government launched a national consultation on tourism taxes in Scotland. This followed the First Minister's statement to the Scottish Tourism Alliance in which she said about a tourist tax that "...we do recognise, as you do, that some local authorities are making the case to have the power to do so, should they consider it an appropriate response to local circumstances. ....we will be accepting the STA’s call for an objective process of consultation – involving the STA, COSLA and other key partners – which will examine in detail the arguments for and against a tourism tax." 1 October 2018, Scottish Tourism Alliance conference.

Re-thinking Scotland's Health Care System: Getting to integration, care and prevention - 29th October 2019

This conference focuses on how Scotland can tackle the current challenges in the integration of health and social care and meet our wider health care reform needs reflected in those challenges. It discusses re-balancing the current primacy of hospital based services with the development of a more fit for purpose health care structure, encompassing primary and community based care and meeting the growing demand for management of longer term conditions.

Jeanne Freeman MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Scottish Government, said in the Parliamentary debate on the Programme for Government 2018-19 that: "We are building on the work of recent that drives our integration of health and social care to bring the right care to people in the right setting." 6th September 2018. Read more here.

Changing Scottish Charity Law: What is the Scottish Government proposing and what more is possible? - Thursday 7th November 2019

This conference examines the Scottish Government's proposals to change Scottish charity law, discusses the wider strategic picture for charities and the Third Sector in Scotland, considers how the status and value of modern charities in Scotland can be more comprehensively enhanced and assesses core challenges on leadership, funding, social partnership and the core value of charities in civic Scotland.

The Scottish Government's consultation on proposals to change Scottish charity law closed on 1st April 2019 with its response and recommendations to come once all responses have been considered. Launched on advice from the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) with the intention of "increasing transparency, accountability and public trust" in the sector, the range of issues consulted upon comes 17 years after the review which led to the establishment of OSCR and almost 14 years since the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act.  Read more here

Reform of Adults with Incapacity Law in Scotland: Understanding and shaping what's coming next - Thursday 28th November 2019

The way in which adults with incapacity are safeguarded in Scotland is set out in The Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland) 2000. This addresses how their welfare is protected and how their finances and possessions are managed when they cannot make decisions themselves.

This conference is timed to provide the opportunity to understand and engage with the Scottish Government's proposals following their current stakeholder engagement and to help shape the final recommendations before the legislative process begins.

The Scottish Government consulted in 2018 on its proposals to amend the law in order to comply with both Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but also to address proposals from the Office of the Public Guardian to develop a new system of graded guardianship. Read more here.

Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Sustainable and Smart, Joined-Up and Inclusive, Fit for Purpose and Reliable - Thursday 5th December 2019

This year's Annual Scottish Transport Conference examines how Scottish transport can meet three core challenges: How do we promote transport that is smart, supports growth and meets the severity of climate change? Which projects and policies are required to build a transport system that is joined-up, inclusive and comprehensive?

What is needed to ensure Scotland's transport is reliable, safe and fit for purpose - now and in the future?All transport stakeholders - operators, users, policy makers and those in the transport supply chain - have roles to play in addressing each of the challenges facing transport. This year's conference invites our speakers to offer insight into how their sector should play its role in meeting each aspect of these challenges to achieve collective change. Read more here.

Care of Older People in Scotland: 7th Annual Scotland - Thursday 12th December 2019

The 7th annual care of older people in Scotland conference focuses on the challenge of delivering excellent care. How can this be managed in the context of an older population growing larger annually, rising expectations about care quality, a wider knowledge of care rights and the acute pressures created by increased resource demand?

Scotland's challenge in meeting the needs of an older population which is growing in size every year is not going away. The National Records of Scotland (NRS) report that:

“The population of Scotland on 30 June 2017 was 5,424,800. The population has increased every year since 2000 and in 2017 was the largest ever seen".  Read more here

12th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries and PAs in Scotland (ACES 2020): A New Decade - It's all about the cloud...Friday 24th January 2020

2020 sees the 12th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries in Scotland (ACES): Awarding and Celebrating Excellence in Scotland, taking place on 24th January 2020.

ACES is the original and longest running conference and awards ceremony for PAs, EAs, Office Managers and office support professionals in Scotland. It's a conference, exhibition and annual award, providing a one-stop-shop for learning, development, knowledge sharing and networking. 

The focus of this year's event is all about the next decade - how will cloud based applications affect you? Are you comfortable with cloud based applications? What are the pros and cons? How can you make the cloud work for you?  Read more here.

Delivering Scotland's New Infrastructure and Increased Capital Investment: 10th Annual Conference - Thursday 30th January 2020

This conference examines the Scottish Government's plans for delivering new infrastructure and capital investment in Scotland. It discusses the implications of raising overall levels of capital expenditure by an additional £1.5 billion per year and, alongside that, the objectives of the work of the Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Infrastructure Commission. It will assess how increased capital spending together with major strategic drivers - such as City Region Deals, NPF4 in strategic planning, and initiatives in infrastructure-led sectors including housing, transport, low carbon, digital and cities - will shape the profile of capital infrastructure investment and new projects. Read more here.

Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and MSPs: How they work and how to influence them - Thursday 5 March 2020

This conference examines how the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Ministers and MSPs work and explains the policy and media context within which decision making in those organisations takes place. The conference is aimed at people and organisations who need to be heard in high places in order to influence policy and decision making. The 2020 conference follows the very successful 2019 event and will examine how policy is made and how decisions are taken, what influences those decisions, the importance of the wider media and the political context in which government operates and the regulatory and political context within which influencing takes place. Read more here.



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