4th Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Transport's role in growth, Brexit, passengers and competitiveness - 6 September 2017

Now in it's 4th year, the Annual Scottish Transport Conference takes place in September 2017, a year after both the Scottish Parliament election and the Brexit votes of May and June 2016. This year's conference focuses on the role of transport in Scotland as a driver of economic growth, a conduit for infrastructure spending, a significant Scottish employer and an enabler of inward investment.

Following the Brexit vote - and with a still sluggish broader economy - the supply side potential of Scottish transport to help nurture growth and productivity in the wider economy is critical. The Scottish Government's focus on infrastructure investment, together with the Chancellor's commitment to additional spending in that area, presents an opportunity to deliver transport projects which can bring added value to the Scottish economy in the short, medium and long term.

Scotland's New Lobbying Act: What all Public, Private and Third Sector organisations need to do to comply - 12 Setpember 2017

Scotland's new Lobbying Act is expected to come into force later this year and guidelines on the Act are currently being prepared by the Lobbying Registrar.  This conference explains the Act, explores the guidelines and helps you prepare to be compliant before, during and and after talking to one of the elected members or officials covered by the new law.

The Act requires that public, private and third sector organisations which have discussions about any of the range of Scottish Government, parliamentary activities with a Member of the Scottish Parliament, a Scottish Government Minister, a Scottish Government Special Adviser or the Permanent Secretary will be covered by the legislation.

Delivering Good Governance in Scotland's Services - 21 September 2017 

This 4th annual conference on public sector effective governance focuses on how good governance can be best delivered in all public and non-public sector bodies which spend public money to provide services.

The conference will firstly revisit the principles of good governance establshed by the Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services, examining what each of the six principles of good governance are and the best practice which underpins them.  It will then focus on core contemporary challenges faced by all bodies that work for the public using public money, covering themes such as data management and safety, media relations and reputation management and buisiness continuity and crisis planning.

Scotland's Budgets - 26 September 2017

This annual briefing event analyses the state of the economy, the public finances and the options open to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance as the Scottish Government prepares for its Budget later in the year.

The seminar - the only one of its kind in Scotland- brings together leading experts from the Fraser of Allander Institute alongside key figures in the buisness and policy communities to discuss the priorities for Scottish public spending and taxation.

It aims to inform key stakeholders - business, central and local government, the third sector and trade unions - of both the context in which the Budget will be set and key policy choices.

Know your Children's Rights - 3 October 2017

Children's rights are an increasing feature in policy and practice with children and young people in Scotland.  The Scottish Government regularly refers to children's rights in guidance and there is a growing presence in the school curriculum on children's rights.  The children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (the Act) places new duties on Ministers and public bodies in respect of children's rights under Part 1 and Part 3 of the Act.

The seminar will be led by Tam Baillie, former Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People.  It will help people better understand their obligations in terms of children's rights.

 Planning in Scotland: Delivering a 360 Degree Planning System - 26 October 2017

This conference discusses the Scottish Government's plans to legislate to develop a Scottish planning system which is more strategic and enabling, better networked into other policy areas, rooted in consensual and engaged development planning and more collaborative in its structure, working and funding both internally and externally.  Scotland needs a 360 degree Planning System.  It needs such a system if it is to meet its potential in supporting infrastructure delivery, engage fully in development planning and management, enable other policy areas such as Land Reform and Community Engagement to be more effectively rolled out and if it is to secure the level of resources and skills necessary to drive a planning system that excels.


Raising Young Scots: Getting to Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - 2 November 2017

This conference exmines the challenges of raising healthy, weathly and wise young scots, regarless of their background.

It considers how families, schools, public institutions and the wider community have interlinked and crucial roles to play in providing both the safety nets and the springboards needed to allow all young Scots to develop to their full potential.

The conference will discuss a range of policies in place in education, health and citizenship to support the development of young Scots and will focus on three core area of potential: sharing best practice, collaborating across organisation and sector boundaries and being led by a 'what works' approach with young Scots.

Scotland and the Circular Economy: Turning innovation into growth - 16 November 2017

The purpose of this half day conference is to provide a clear understanding of the potential scope of the circular economy, the strategy in place to support its development and the practical growth opportunities it provides for public and private sectors.

The central theme is "How products are designed, supplied, used and passed on and treated at end of life" - taken from Scottish Government's 'Making things last strategy'. Speakers will fous on the enormous cost savings for Scotland that successful adoption of circular economy theory and practice can bring, as well as the export and growth potential for Scotland in the development of new products, skills and processes applicable to the global economy.

Care of Older People in Scotland 2017: 5th Annual Conference - 21 November 2017

This year's conference is being run in association with Age Scotland and will ask how we can ensure consistency and equality in the delivery of care across Scotland. It will discuss the longer term preventative approach to older people's health, in parallel with delivering immediate care needs, to ensure that meeting future health and car demand does not becoming an impossible task The agenda will examine promotion of innovation, adopting and sharing best practice and understanding the new care challenges presented by advances in digial innovation, medical capability and legal rights. 

Refocusing Scottish Public Services: Applying Christie Commission Principles - 28 November 2017

Six years ago the findings and recommendations of the Christie Commission were published following the Commission's work carried out at the invitation of the First Minister. It discussed how to meet dramatically increased public services demand over the medium term in the context of constrained public spending, by implementing reforms that would also improve public services quality. Following almost a decade of public service constraint after the financial collapse of 2008 the challenge has become increasingly acute. Service demands continue to rise with an ageing population, expectations of continually improving services and the need for high quality public services to underpin economic growth.

10th Annual Scottish Rail Conference: The next decade of Scottish rail - 5 December 2017

The 10th annual Scottish rail conference will focus on three key themes looking toward the next decade of rail - thinking strategically to get from what we have to what we want; rail and the wider economy; and growth and rail development to 2027.
Beginning with the keynote perspective, this conference will cover the largest national projects and the challenges of smaller local developments, consider potential new funding streams and provide an opportunity to discuss how the various agencies can work together to plan and deliver the new infrastructure on budget, on time and with maximum associated economic and social benefit.

Understanding and Delivering Children's Participation - 7 December 2017

It is widely accepted that children and young people have a right to have a say in decisions that affect them. It wasn’t always the case. In the past, the notion that children and young people had a view worth contributing would frequently have been challenged and justification sought as to why children and young people were having an influence on matters affecting them. Thankfully, the question most often asked now regarding the participation of children and young people is “how?” rather than “why?”.

This seminar is suitable for anyone responsible for children and young people.  This can be carers, staff responsible for the delivery of services to children and families, managers responsible for allocating resources for children and young people, policy makers at all levels and senior managers directing policy and resources.

Educational Attainment and Children's Rights - 16 January 2018

Scotland's education system is undergoing significant changes.  The Scottish Government has embarked upon a long-term reform programme starting with the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence in the early 2000's and continuing today with the proposed governance reform of schools and education.  One of the priorities of the Scottish Government has been to "close the attainment gap" and the First Minister has invited judgement on how the government achieves this objective.  The Scottish Government has invested significant funds to achieve their aims.

The seminar will be a mixture of lecture input and reflection on the part of the participants.  It will draw on relevant research and the experience of service providers attending.  Be prepared for an interactive session and the opportunity to learn from others. 

Reporting Obligations Under the Children and Young People Act - Tuesday 22 February 2017

Ministers are due to publish their first 3-yearly Children's Rights Reports to be submitted to the Scottish Parliament by 2020 and public bodies are expected to keep to the same timetable. Guidance accompanying the Act advises that public bodies will require long-term planning for the production of the report, especially if they "are seeking to maximise effort by combining and / aligning reporting mechanisms and processes" and they should consider how they will establish appropriate and measurable baseline data on meaningful outcomes that informs the reports. Now is the time for public bodies to equip themseles with the information, knowledge and systems to effectively prepare for the reporting process.

Scotland's Mid Market Businesses - Wednesday 18 April 2017

This conference focuses on the importance of Scotland's mid-market businesses to our future economic competitiveness. It discusses how practical support can be delivered and the obstacles which need to be overcome to support growth.

The German mid-market sector - 'Mittlestand' - is core to its economic growth and a key factor in contributing to the stabilit and strength of the German economy. In this conference we examine what we can learn from the success of the German model to power up Scotland's own 'McMittlestand'.



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