Issue 7: Nov 2013


By Brian Sloan, Chief Executive, Age Scotland

Dear envious Age Network peers across the world,

In Scotland 2020 we’ve changed the tone of the debate, so that people no longer talk about our demographic time-bomb.

Instead there’s recognition that because we invested in support for healthy active ageing we now have a generation of older people who contribute to every aspect of society; as workers, active citizens and cultural contributors. 

With government incentives, our employers have taken action to support people to lead healthy working lives, for example with lunchtime walking groups. We’ve established a strong network of careers support for older people, enabling them to develop, retrain and adjust their working lives to suit their circumstances

National and local government has helped to create opportunities for healthy lives by establishing safe walking and cycling routes suitable for all ages.
We’ve changed attitudes by bringing the generations together.  Older people are regularly contributing to schools, and in turn learning new skills from young people.

Our public bodies have worked hard to ensure older people’s voices are heard in decision making.  They’ve made productive partnerships with seniors forums, asked older people how they would like to be consulted and involved, and taken action accordingly.  They’ve understood the importance of investing in services that give older people the ‘little bit of help’ they need to enjoy a good quality of life in their own home wherever possible.

We were pleased that action to join up health and social care services proved to be more than just a bureaucratic exercise.  There’s a genuine focus on the person receiving the services and what is required to ensure their human rights – there needs are not just assumed, they are asked what they are. 

The public were kept on side by making sure that whenever funds were reallocated from acute to preventative care services there was a clear case for this showing evidence of the benefits.

You will all be amazed by what we've achieved in such a short time. Why not come and see us – we couldn’t change the weather; so remember to bring your brolly.

Brian Sloan is Chief Executive of Age Scotland



By Brian Sloan, Chief Executive, Age Scotland

Issue 7: Nov 2013

Issue 7: Nov 2013


Re-energising the move towards integrated care

Scotland's move to integrated care can learn from elsewhere by focussing on two key differentiators between successful partnerships and those paying lip service to integrated working: Shared outcomes and common language is one, the other is demonstrating mutual investments and mutual benefits.


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